(my first code4lib post)

Ed Summers and William Groppe have jumped in head-strong to crafting a Ruby DSL to Solr. solrb is coming along nicely thanks to our collaborations.

Another early adopter asked a question on the solr-user e-mail list, and I replied with a lot of juicy tidbits to whet your appetite.

We’re moving as fast as we can in order to use this infrastructure for the basis of Solr Flare, destined to be faceted browsing plugins for Rails allowing your Rails application to easily benefit from what Solr and solrb offer. Solr Flare will debut at the code4lib pre-conference event in whatever form it happens to be in by then.

If you’re a Rubyist who loves the goodness of Lucene and/or Ferret, you’ll love Solr. We aim for solrb and Flare to be the Ruby way to Solr’s heart.

And especially tasty for the code4lib crowd is the Solr importer that is under way.

Hungry yet? I’ve got a stone, anyone got any carrots?