In addition to having a discussion list, a blog aggregator, an IRC channel, an electronic journal, and an annual conference, people independently decided that it might be nice to meet in person more than once a year to talk about stuff they are working on…and to hang out and drink {beverage_of_choice} with fun & knowledgeable people. This page lists the chapters we know about, and is where you can add a local meeting if you want to start one. You can also add local chapters on the code4lib wiki.

Local US Chapters

Local Chapters outside the US


  1. Announce your intent to start a local chapter on the code4lib discussion list
  2. Use drupal here at code4lib.org to start creating content about your group
  3. Or if you want to use your own site, get a {your_chapter}.code4lib.org DNS record set up.
  4. Use the rsingerbold voting machine to help you gather consensus
  5. Keep us up to date on code4lib discussion list so people know about meetings
  6. Post meeting notes, audio, video, anything to relevant websites.
  7. Have fun!