With a bit of python the code4lib 2006 schedule has been encoded using the hCalendar microformat. hCalendar allows you to bundle up event information so it is available downstream to machines that crawl the content, while keeping the content readable for us humans. It is really very easy to grok, and the only reason for the script was to avoid repetitive typing.

Here’s what a sample event looks like in hCalendar:

11:05- 11:25 - Connecting Everything with unAPI and OPA - Dan Chudnov


Which is equivalent to the ical

BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY;LANGUAGE=en:Connecting Everything with unAPI and OPA - Dan Chudnov DTSTART:20060215T190500Z DTEND:20060215T192500Z URL:http://www.code4lib.org/conference/2006/chudnov END:VEVENT

The page includes a 'subscribe' link (at the top) to Brian Suda's x2v, which extracts hCalendar from a page and spits back iCal for your calendaring application to ingest.