Editorial Introduction

Carol Bean

Creating a Seamless Cross-Platform Online Experience for Mobile Users

Katherine Lynch

HTML5 Microdata and Schema.org

Jason Ronallo

Using VuFind, XAMPP, and Flash Drives to Build an Offline Library Catalog for Use in a Liberal Arts in Prison Program

Julia Bauder

Improving the presentation of library data using FRBR and Linked data

Anne-Lena Westrum, Asgeir Rekkavik, Kim Tallerås

Presenting results as dynamically generated co-authorship subgraphs in semantic digital library collections

James Powell, Tamara M. McMahon, Ketan Mane, Laniece Miller, Linn Collins

On Dentographs, A New Method of Visualizing Library Collections

William Denton

Using XSLT’s SQL Extension with Encyclopedia Virginia

Matthew Gibson

Ref2RIS: Importing Word-Processed Bibliographies into Bibliographic Management Software

Deborah Fitchett

Purposeful Development: Being Ready When Your Project Moves From ‘Hobby’ to Mission Critical

Terry Reese