The opportunity to submit a proposal for a 20 minute prepared talk at the 2010 Code4Lib Conference in Asheville, NC has now closed. We received 47 great proposals in what must surely be our best year ever for talk submissions.

Voting is now open to anyone who has registered at (accounts are available to anyone). Enter your code4lib login to enable voting. To vote, assign any number from 1 to three for any talk for which you wish to vote. You may change your vote at any time up until voting closes at Midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 1.

When voting, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • usefulness
  • newness
  • geekiness
  • diversity of topics

The proposals will be ranked based on the total number of votes, and will be slotted into available spaces in the conference schedule until the opportunities are exhausted. The current draft schedule allows for 17 talks, although the conference planning group (of which anyone can participate), may adjust it. In any case, it is likely that we will be unable to accommodate even half of the proposals.

If your proposal does not make the cut, please keep this in mind. We were overwhelmed this year with good proposals, and there will be many good talks that we will be forced to leave behind. Therefore, please consider giving a lightning talk instead.