Corvallis, Oregon
Proposed by jaf.
Repeat of 2006. Possibility of holding in Portland if deemed a better venue.
Madison, WI
Proposed by Debra Shapiro
As we mentioned at ALA, the continuing ed dept. here at UW-Madison SLIS has a lot of experience hosting conferences, and the facilities ( here could easily accomodate a roughly 200 person conference. Now that I have looked at the code4lib web site, the only concern I have is if people would be willing to come to WI in FEBRUARY - but I do see that the 2007 conference is late February into March, so maybe we could make that sound appealing. We do have an annual, extremely popular film fest ( here that brings in people in March (usually late March).
Arlington, Texas
Proposed by Michael Doran
UT Arlington has a lot going for it as a conference venue. Prime location: For those not familiar with Arlington, Texas, we are located smack dab in middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth “Metroplex”...In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that the good transportation news is that it is easy to get to Arlington, but the bad news is that it is hard to get around Arlington if you don’t have a car. Although Arlington has a population of about 300,000, there is no public transportation here. (There is public transportation in Dallas and Fort Worth and train service between the two.) Related to the local Arlington lack-of-public-transportation problem is the fact that there are no accommodations directly on campus, and probably no acceptable accommodations within walking distance, so some type of shuttle service would have to be arranged.