• Coral Sheldon-Hess, coral@sheldon-hess.org

Reading code is a necessary part of becoming a better developer. It gives you more experience and more insight into How Things Are (or Aren’t) Done; it builds your intuition about how to solve problems with code; and it increases your confidence that you, too, can tackle whatever technological problems you’re facing.

But you don’t have to read code alone! (Which is good. It’s really not fun to read code alone.)

In late 2014, a group of librarians formed two Code Clubs, inspired by this talk by Saron (of Bloggytoons fame). I’d like to tell you about how we’ve structured our Code Clubs, what has gone well, what we’ve learned, and what you need to do to form your own Code Club. I’ll share a list of the codebases we’ve looked at, too, to help you get your own Code Club off the ground!