• Naomi Dushay, ndushay@stanford.edu, Stanford University Libraries
  • Laney McGlohon, laneymcg@stanford.edu, Stanford University Libraries (first-time presenter)

So you want to expose your digital content in your discovery interface, integrated with the data from your ILS? How do you make the best information user searchable? How do you present complete, up to date search results with a minimum of duplicate entries?

At Stanford, we have these cases and more:

  • digital content with no metadata in ILS
  • digital content for metadata in ILS
  • digital content with its own metadata derived from ILS metadata.

We will describe our efforts to accommodate multiple updatable metadata sources for materials in the ILS and our Digital Object Repository while presenting users with reduced duplication in SearchWorks. Included will be some failures, some successes, and an honest assessment of where we are now.