Chicago Underground Library’s Community-Based Cataloging System

  • Margaret Heller, Chicago Underground Library/Dominican University,
  • Nell Taylor, Chicago Underground Library,

Code4Lib 2011, Wednesday 9 February, 09:35 - 09:55

We have developed a unique cataloging and discovery system using Drupal, which we eventually hope to provide as a standalone module that any organization can implement as both a technical and theoretical template to start an Underground Library in its own city. Chicago Underground Library (CUL) is a replicable model for community collections. It uses the lens of an archive to examine the creative, political, and intellectual interdependencies of a city, tracing how people have worked together, who influenced whom, where ideas first developed, and how they spread from one publication to another through individuals.

Drupal Modules/Cataloging Features Wishlist Handout
Cataloging Handbook Handout