Those interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 70 minute blocks. Generally the person who suggests the topic will take on the role as moderator to begin and moderate the discussion. Anyone can propose a breakout session - please think about whether you would want a session to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the order of talks and who you hope will attend. There are five rooms available each day, including the large meeting room, and we will route different proposed sessions to the different rooms depending on a quick show-of-hands survey just before each one begins.

This page will list any sessions proposed before the conference itself, but there will also be flip charts outside the meeting room where more sessions can be proposed.

Tuesday breakout sessions

  • Plone/Zope
  • OCLC Grid Services - Don Hamparian
  • Jangle

Wednesday breakout sessions

  • Summon

If you have an idea for a breakout topic, you can add it here or email


Blacklight - Blacklight Team
Get out your glow in the dark necklaces, let's party!
Drupal - Cary Gordon
I am open to doing this any time on the 24th or 25th, or possibly over lunch on the 26th.
Jangle - Ross Singer
More in-depth how to make Jangle connectors and how to use Jangliflied data in other applications. Also brainstorming on what would be good candidates to target development on as well as a general gauge of interest in participation.
Summon - Andrew Nagy
A view of the Serials Solutions's Summon Service and it's API