Issue 37 of the Code4Lib Journal is now available.

Table of Contents:

Editorial: Welcome New Editors, What We Know About Who We Are, and Submission Pro Tip! by Sara Amato

A Practical Starter Guide on Developing Accessible Websites by Cynthia Ng and Michael Schofield

Recount: Revisiting the 42nd Canadian Federal Election to Evaluate the Efficacy of Retroactive Tweet Collection by Anthony T. Pinter and Ben Goldman

Extending Omeka for a Large-Scale Digital Project by Haley Antell, Joe Corall, Virginia Dressler, Cara Gilgenbach

The FachRef-Assistant: Personalised, subject specific, and transparent stock management by Eike T. Spielberg, Frank Lützenkirchen

The Semantics of Metadata: Avalon Media System and the Move to RDF by Juliet L. Hardesty and Jennifer B. Young

OpeNumisma: A Software Platform Managing Numismatic Collections with A Particular Focus On Reflectance Transformation Imaging by Avgoustinos Avgousti, Andriana Nikolaidou, Ropertos Georgiou

DuEPublicA: Automated bibliometric reports based on the University Bibliography and external citation data by Eike T. Spielberg

New Metadata Recipes for Old Cookbooks: Creating and Analyzing a Digital Collection Using the HathiTrust Research Center Portal by Gioia Stevens

Countering Stryker’s Punch: Algorithmically Filling the Black Hole by Michael J. Bennett