If you’re active in Code4Lib and you’ll be attending ALA Midwinter in Denver in January, put this on your meeting calendar:

LITA Town Hall Meeting, Monday, January 26, 8:00am - 10:00am (includes breakfast!)

Michelle Frisque says “At this years Town Meeting we are going to have a discussion about LITA’s place in a larger information, association, and community building technology related landscape. I am in the process of contacting people from organizations that share this landscape and I am asking if they would like to participate in this discussion with us. Code4Lib is one of the organization we identified.”

So if you can make it, I’d appreciate other folks being there. As I told Michelle, “Code4Lib is an “un” organization — it has no structure and no leadership (or to be more specific, no leadership positions, anyone is considered to be and can be a leader). So having said that, I am willing to participate simply as one of many Code4Lib participants, and someone who could talk about what it is, how it functions, why people congregate there, etc. But I will not be “representing” the community per se.” The more of us who show up and participate, the better LITA will understand this.