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There is a code4lib IRC channel (chat room) for folks who are interested in the convergence of technology and cultural heritage. The channel is a less formal and more interactive alternative to the code4lib mailing list for the discussion of code, projects, ideas, music, first computers, etc.

Stop by and say hello.

If you don't already have an IRC client, there are several options available at no cost.

  • Easiest: connect through the web at Nickname: pick a name, Channels: #code4lib

    Also useful if you can't install a client, or if IRC traffic is blocked on your network,

  • If you have Gaim or Trillian installed, they both provide IRC access.
  • If you use Firefox, the Chatzilla add-on is an option.

If you're unfamiliar with IRC, this brief introduction should help get you up to speed. You might also want to check out this FAQ, which answers some common questions about the #code4lib channel specifically.

You can register your nickname with Freenode's NickServ service to keep using the same nickname. After you are registered, identify to NickServ. More details and the commands to use are listed at Freenode's FAQ: This will allow you more privileges, such as sending private messages to other registered users.

To perform some of the commands listed in the FAQ you need to register and identify with Zoia. This is similar to but separate from the registration with Freenode's NickServ. Remember to identify each time you log in. Register by /msg zoia register nickname password. Once registered, Identify by /msg zoia identify nickname password. To change your password: /msg zoia set password oldpassword newpassword.

Finally, #code4lib is a social and technical discussion channel. Keep in mind that the discussion isn't limited to library technologies, and can cover a lot of ground.

The channel is not publicly logged.


Blocked by the library's filter :(