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Making your digital objects embeddable around the web

  • Jessie Keck,, Stanford University Libraries
  • Jack Reed,, Stanford University Libraries

With more and more content from our digital repositories making their
way into our discovery environments we quickly realize that we’re
repeatedly re-inventing the wheel when it comes to creating “Viewers”
for these digital objects. With various different types of viewers
necessary (books, images, audio, video, geospatial data, etc) the burden
of getting these viewers into various environments (topic guides, blogs,
catalogs, etc) becomes exponential.

In this talk we’ll discuss how Stanford University Libraries implemented
an oEmbed service to create an extensible viewer framework for all of
its digital content. Using this service we’ve been able to easily
integrate viewers into various discovery applications as well as make it
easy for end users who discover our objects to easily embed customized
versions into their own websites and blogs.

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