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Book Reader Bingo: Which Page-Turner Should I Use?

  • Eben English, eenglish [at], Boston Public Library

Another day, another library reinventing the book-viewer wheel. When
will the madness end? This talk will explore the current landscape of
book-viewer/page-turner applications for digital library systems with an
eye towards helping you make the right decision for your project. We'll
look at some the major players on the market (such as Internet Archive
BookReader, Wellcome Player, Mirador, and WDL-Viewer to name a few) and
compare them based on a number of criteria: feature sets, mobile/tablet
friendliness, ease of integration, code health, test coverage, "market
share" (number of implementers), and other important factors. We'll look
at the results of ACTUAL USABILITY TESTS to see what features users
REALLY want in a book-viewer, and how each app measures up.

We'll also discuss important recent trends (such as the IIIF
Presentation API, ReadersFirst, and NYPL's Library Simplified
initiative) that have the potential to shape the book-viewer development
landscape in the immediate future. Which page-turner applications are
best poised to adopt/integrate/leverage these emerging standards? Which
will become obsolete? This talk has the answers you need.