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Creating a Commons

"Creating a Commons"

  • Bess Sadler, Stanford University Library,

The difference between an open source software project that gets new adopters and new contributing community members (which is to say, a project that goes on existing for any length of time) and a project that doesn't, often isn't a question of superior design or technology. It's more often a question of whether the advocates for the project can convince institutional leaders AND front line developers that a project is stable and trustworthy. What are successful strategies for attracting development partners? I'll try to answer that and talk about what we could do as a community to make collaboration easier.

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I proposed this talk under the title "How to be an effective evangelist for your open source project" but I changed the title of the talk to "Creating a Commons", for reasons I discuss in the talk. I can't figure out how to change the title on this page.

Hello, Bess. I edited the Drupal node title and text to reflect the actual title of your program. Thanks for the correction.