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code4lib 2006 T-shirt design contest

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Further encouraging active participation, code4lib 2006 is currently having a t-shirt design contest. The winner gets to see their design on the official code4lib 2006 t-shirt, given to every attendee of the conference.

If you are interested in submitting a design, you may use the following template (graciously borrowed from Submitted designs will be added to this post, and we will hold a public vote on the designs next week.

The only major restriction to be aware of is that at this time, we are unsure if the t-shirts will be full-color or 1 color. So, while your design may be in color, it should also work as a 1-color design as well (you may submit two versions of a design to meet the above criteria).

Send designs to jeremy dot frumkin at oregonstate dot edu.

Submitted Designs: