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The Python programming language.

solrpy google code project

A few people decided to fix the existing bugs in the solr python client and release it with unit tests, and some more documentation...and make it available via the Cheeseshop. To support this the solrpy Google Code project was created. There probably won't be tons of changes but if you use python and solr together you might be interested in using it, and subscribing to the discussion list.


planet facelift

The code4lib planet aggregator has been given a facelift, and some new feeds have been added. If would like to have your blog aggregated please drop in irc, email the list or send a private email to ehs at pobox dot com.



Panizzi's is a supybot who hangs out in #code4lib. To find out what plugins are available with @list. There are a lot of them:

11:36  @list 
11:36  edsu: Admin, Amazon, Anagram, Anonymous, AudioScrobbler, 
                 Babelfish, Band, Channel, Config, Currency, Debian, Dict, 
                 Dunno, Ebay, Etymology, Freenode, Fun, Gameknot, Google, Http,
                 Insult, Internet, Karma, Later, Lookup, Markov, Misc, Network,
                 Nickometer, Note, OCLC, OSU, Observer, Owner, Praise, Python, 
                 Quote, QuoteGrabs, RSS, Relay, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, 
                 Todo, URL, Unalog, UrbanDict, User, (1 more message)
11:36  @more
11:36  edsu: Weather, Web2, WordStats, Words, and XMLLogger 

We've written some of our own plugins including:

OpenSearch - for searching opensearch targets.

* @opensearch add mysearch
* @mysearch monkeys

AudioScrobbler - for seeing what folks are listening to in channel courtesy of

* @tunes tholbroo - see what tholbroo last listened to
* @alltunes tholbroo - see all the stuff that todd listened to recently
* @blockparty - see what people on channel have been listening to

OCLC - do some lookups at OCLC:

* @naf - do a lookup in the name authority file
* @worldcat - see what the last record added to worldcat is
* @inst - look up a library code


* @band - lookup a random band name from the brain of dchud and co.


* @etym - lookup word origins at etymonline


* @ana - anagram a word/phrase

you can chain commands like this: @ana [band]

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