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code4lib 2007

Anything having to do with the code4lib 2007 conference to be held in Athens, Georgia, Feb 28 through Mar 2.

Code4lib 2007 Lighting Talks




  • Adopting Orphanware - Andrew Darby
    • Video not available
  • EAD PDF Generator - Ryan Wick
  • Format Conversion in DSpace using - Tim Donohue
  • WorldCat Identities - Ralph Levan
    • YouTube video not available
    • Download Video (MP4, 14.1 Mb, MSU Mirror)
  • Improving search to high demand resources with “Best Bets.” - Tito Sierra
    • YouTube video not available
    • Download Video (MP4, 12.1 Mb, MSU Mirror)
  • Intranet 2 - Nicole Engard
    • YouTube video not available
    • Download Video (MP4, 12.3 Mb, MSU Mirror)
  • Metadata Translation Service - Terry Reese
    • YouTube video not available
    • Download Video (MP4, 12.4 Mb, MSU Mirror)

Open Source Blacklight!

I wasn't sure I'd ever see the day that the UVa library would, as an institution, agree to open source Blacklight. But they did! [A dirty little secret is that the bulk of it, including a basic example MARC indexer, was open sourced last year during the preparation for the Solr code4lib preconference.]

Code4Lib 2007 - Video, Audio and Podcast Available

Most have been done for some time but if you haven't noticed all presentations and lightning talks should have video up. Presentations also have audio and a podcast. Lightning talks will probably have audio in the nearish future. You can access the media from the pages below:

Update: Looks like I forgot to change quite a few of the audio to CBR instead of VBR for the podcast. As such the Flash player on Odeo will make people sound like chipmunks. It should work fine in iTunes or your player of choice (as long as it's not flash). I'll try to redo the audio as soon as I can.

Code4Lib 2007 - Day 1 Video Available

The video from Day 1 for Code4Lib 2007 has been uploaded for downloading and on Google Video. This includes all lightning talks. You can view or download from the presentation pages accessible from the conference schedule.

If you want a version for your ipod or PSP then you should be able to download a version from Google Video. Embedding is also enabled. Feel free to rate or tag the videos. Podcasts will be forthcoming once the other days are done.

If you notice any problems with the videos please let us know. I was uploading and linking them rather quickly so I would not be surprised if there is a mixup or two. I'm on channel or just comment here. Again thanks goes to Noel Peden (npeden) for doing the heavy lifting of editing and encoding.

Update: Both Day 2 and Day 3 are now uploaded and linked to on the Presentation and Lightning Talk pages. Please let us know if you notice anything wrong. Google is still churning through the files.

Erik Hatcher Keynote

Presentation on Solr, Libraries and more.


Watch Video

Watch at Google
Download Video (MP4, 96.4 MB, MSU Mirror)
Download Audio Only (MP3, 20.6MB, MSU Mirror)

Code4Lib 2007 Video Trickling In

As anyone who has encoded video knows, it can be a slow process. If you happen to be in IRC be sure to thank ecorrado and npeden for their work on the videos. The videos are slowly being uploaded to code4lib. As space needs to be shuffled a little bit on Anvil I've taken the liberty of mirroring the videos at Michigan State and also uploading them to Google to make them easier to embed.

The files that have been processed are tagged with code4lib2007 on Google. I've also included a link to download the MPEG-4 file and embedded the video for watching on the presentation pages. You'll need a player that can handle MPEG-4 (H.264) and AAC audio to view the downloaded files. The latest Quicktime should work, as well as VLC and MPlayer. If you compiled either yourself, be sure to include mp4 and aac support.

It may be awhile before all the videos are up. Once they are I'll probably work on getting pod/vodcasts up.

Update: I'm also dumping the audio from the videos to mp3 for those who would prefer just the audio for portability. A podcast will be forthcoming. The mp3's are linked from the presentation pages.

Karen Schneider Keynote "Hurry up please it's time"

Karen's posting about the keynote: LOCKSS, Stock, and Keynote


Presentation in PowerPoint
Presentation in PDF

Watch Video

Video on Google
Download Video (MPEG-4, 108.9 Mb, MSU Mirror)
Download Audio Only (MP3, 47MB, MSU Mirror) Restored

The machine that (and panizzi, chukwa, and the code4lib planet) runs on has been restored. If you notice any problems still, please let someone in IRC know.


Time flies when you're having fun. The conference of the year, IMHO, is happening next week. I'm honored to keynote the second day of the conference. Thankfully they haven't pinned me down to specify a topic. The lead keynote speaker is K.G. Schneider, and she's been blogging her preparation. I'm looking forward to her talk as well as the entire conference of talks. I'm not used to 20 minute talks though. I could go on for hours! (see below)


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