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code4lib 2006

Anything related to the 2006 code4lib conference to be held in Corvallis, OR, USA, in February 2006.

Evergreen Keynote

The Evergreen team presented a "virtual keynote" that consisted of a PowerPoint presentation (see below), a conference call and someone on stage to run things.

Code4Lib2006 Audio

The audio for the 2006 Code4Lib Conference is now available online. You can get it the following ways.

Please let me know if you have any problems. Unfortunately quite a few of the objects in Dspace had multiple mp3 files associated with it. It looks like some presentations were cut across cd's and it also seems that some use the same file. Atom 1.0 allows multiple enclosures, which is what I used so that it was associated with the same URI. Unfortunately most aggregators only support single enclosures (RSS only allows one depending on the interpretation) so you may only get the first part. Also the files are rather large. I'm hoping to go through and seperate the individual presentations and then post an updated feed. I still need to determine the copyrights of the audio however.

I created the Atom by hand and carried over the majority of the metadata. It's valid so you should be able to parse it for whatever you want.


There was a session at code4lib 2006 on using IM bots to deliver library services. I was at a different session, but I thought about it a bit and realized that the "jake-like" queries to the CUFTS database could fairly easily be adapted to the IM world. "jake-like" queries being "where is this journal indexed?", "where is there fulltext for this journal and what's the coverage", etc. I started on a quick bot while I was there, got that working and finished up a fairly comprehensive version last week.

Connecting the bot to the IM network was very easy thanks to Net::OSCAR. Unfortunately, it doesn't include file transfers, but everything else I wanted was there. Since I already had the database and queries mostly written, the bulk of the work was formatting the results for IM size display, handling "more" commands, and writing help.

2006 code4lib Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, February 15

Building a library IM bot. As suggested by Ed Vielmetti, it would be handy to provide bots that patrons can add as buddies to their AIM, MSN, or Yahoo IM accounts. Features might include:

  • catalogue searching
  • library hours
  • my account information (at least display it, and maybe renew books too?)
  • contact information for circ desks, liaison librarians etc.
  • forward a reference question to a librarian IM account

Developing unAPI and w/unAPI
Discuss open issues on the spec and prepare a revision for release on 2/16 (day 2 of code4lib). Also a good time to learn more about what it can do for you, and to try implementing it, too! -dchud

Developing an Interface for Federated Search engines or for an OPAC interface
How are we all facing the issue of developing a well-designed and architected interface for a federated search engine or an OPAC? What are we missing, what is necessary, what is the "killer-app"?
Suggested By Andrew Nagy

Thursday, February 16

The future of code4lib (Roy Tennant)

More Lipstick on a Pig: Improving OPACs
Share ideas for ways to improve OPACs either by hacking/adding services/integrating services with vendor supplied OPACs or by exporting the data and presenting it in a custom app.
(Tom Burton-West)

code4lib 2006 presentations will be available

We will be recording the code4lib 2006 presentations. Check back here for updates - we will try and get the presentations up as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: Most likely, the audio recordings will not be up until shortly after the conference (the facility's recording equipment is analog only, hence the delay to convert the recordings into digital format).

planet update

The code4lib planet has been updated to include flickr, technorati and delicious 'code4lib' tags. Of course the unalog support has been there for a while. If you are attending code4lib and you'd like to have your blog included please email ehs at pobox dot com.

Weather in Corvallis for Code4lib

For those attending code4lib, Corvallis is going to be a bit cool to cold, depending from where you are from. The forecast calls for highs in the low 40's at tops, and lows in the lower 30's or even upper 20's. The good news is that at the moment, it is supposed to be fairly dry Wednesday through Friday, though expect rain on Tuesday. The bad news is that the rain/dry forcast can quickly change. We do have a shuttle from the hotel to the restaurants / bars for each evening's social time, just in case.

Holiday Inn Express

As it's not shorts and t-shirt weather, and there seems to be a reasonable number of folks staying at the holiday inn express, it'd be sensible, clever and perhaps even organised of us to arrange to travel together to the conference venue in the mornings.

Would it be possible to meet in the lobby at 8:20? Or leave notes at the desk?

Add yourself to the list below:

People Staying @ HIE:

  • Rob Sanderson
  • Raymond Yee
  • Ross Singer
  • Gabriel Farrell
  • Daniel Lovins
  • Harish Maringanti

conference wiki

Jeremy has set up a wiki where you can sign up for lightning talks and add/edit breakout session ideas. Yeah, there is a page here at too, but we've copied over the existing entries from there. The wiki should be more flexible for collaboration once the conference starts.

Portland Hostel

If you are interested in heading up to Portland on Friday for the JazzFest and exploring Portland you might want to check out a hostel that a few code4lib attendees are going to be staying at. It's a five minute walk to the MAX which goes right to Portland Interantional Airport. To reserve a room/dorm space just call (503) 241-2783.


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