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Panizzi's is a supybot who hangs out in #code4lib. To find out what plugins are available with @list. There are a lot of them:

11:36  @list 
11:36  edsu: Admin, Amazon, Anagram, Anonymous, AudioScrobbler, 
                 Babelfish, Band, Channel, Config, Currency, Debian, Dict, 
                 Dunno, Ebay, Etymology, Freenode, Fun, Gameknot, Google, Http,
                 Insult, Internet, Karma, Later, Lookup, Markov, Misc, Network,
                 Nickometer, Note, OCLC, OSU, Observer, Owner, Praise, Python, 
                 Quote, QuoteGrabs, RSS, Relay, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, 
                 Todo, URL, Unalog, UrbanDict, User, (1 more message)
11:36  @more
11:36  edsu: Weather, Web2, WordStats, Words, and XMLLogger 

We've written some of our own plugins including:

OpenSearch - for searching opensearch targets.

* @opensearch add mysearch
* @mysearch monkeys

AudioScrobbler - for seeing what folks are listening to in channel courtesy of

* @tunes tholbroo - see what tholbroo last listened to
* @alltunes tholbroo - see all the stuff that todd listened to recently
* @blockparty - see what people on channel have been listening to

OCLC - do some lookups at OCLC:

* @naf - do a lookup in the name authority file
* @worldcat - see what the last record added to worldcat is
* @inst - look up a library code


* @band - lookup a random band name from the brain of dchud and co.


* @etym - lookup word origins at etymonline


* @ana - anagram a word/phrase

you can chain commands like this: @ana [band]