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Create an archive for #code4lib?

* Public Centralized Archive (wide open)\n* Private Centralized Archive (code4lib.org registered only)\n* No Centralized Archive (no logging & I mean it!)\n* \n* \n

#code4lib logging

Since the code4lib conference the #code4lib irc channel has gained a lot of new voices with new ideas. In fact dsalo and ksclarke have already said all I can think of saying on the topic of the changing culture of the #code4lib channel. Some people have suggested that some of the ideas, such as a journal, doing outreach/consulting work, etc will require the irc channel to become a bit more 'professional'.

My theory is that having a public log might help encourage this sort of atmosphere. The logging would allow you to go 'off the record' if you really want to say something and don't want it viewable in the logs. In addition to making you think before you type, logging would have some other benefits:

  1. it would allow people with lives to scan the logs looking for stuff and get other work done
  2. it would encourage international participation by people who aren't online with the (Eastern|Central|Mountain|Pacific) Standard Tribe
  3. and most importantly it would allow for interesting consuming applications

At any rate I think that code4lib changing is a good thing. Afterall, an organism that has ceased changing is umm, dead. Unless there are any objections I'm going to create a poll and see what the general feeling on this is.


Code4lib Journal Name Vote

Vote for the Code4lib journal name!

Please log in to participate in voting!

The proposal with the most votes wins. You can cast as many votes as you wish, but may only vote a specific name once.

Happy voting!

#code4lib irc channel faq

Like any community, the #code4lib IRC channel can be intimidating to newcomers. For those who are new to the channel, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is IRC? How do I login to #code4lib?

Basic technical information is available here.

Is the channel logged?

Not publicly, no.

Who can I ask for help?

#code4lib has a designated group of "helpers," who can answer questions or provide support. The channel's official group contacts to Freenode are Mark Matienzo (anarchivist), Becky Yoose (yo_bj), and Ross Singer (rsinger); all three of them have channel operator privileges.

Who will I find on #code4lib?

There is an incomplete list of regulars here. This is not an official list of any kind. If you're not on it yet, feel free to add your nick, your name, and a link to your website.

What about panizzi zoia?

Zoia is a supybot who hangs out in #code4lib. To get a list of commands it understands, type @list (the "@" symbol tells zoia you're talking to it). Here's a quick list of the more common commands:

Find out how to use a particular command. The correct syntax is (usually) @help followed by the command name, e.g. @help karma. You can also just ask the other people on the channel how to do something.
Add or display quotes that have been added to zoia's quote database. Type @quote add " welcome to code4lib!" to add a quote, @quote jeffdavis to see the last quote from a specific person, or @quote random to see a random quote
Look up a term in the Library of Congress authority files.
Create an English-language anagram of the word or phrase that you enter.
@tunes, @alltunes, @blockparty
These commands look up people's listening history on Last.fm. @tunes jeffdavis displays the last song that jeffdavis listened to, @alltunes jeffdavis lists the last half-dozen or so songs jeffdavis listened to, and @blockparty lists what people in the code4lib group on Last.fm are listening to. (Go ahead and add yourself to the code4lib Last.fm group if you like. You need to type @audioscrobbler add yourusername to be added to the blockparty.)
@insult, @praise
Causes zoia to insult or praise the person or thing of your choice.
You can increase or decrease the karma for a person or thing by appending two pluses or two minuses to the person or thing's name. For example, if you type jeffdavis++, my karma score will increase by 1. (You can't raise your own karma.) Type @karma jeffdavis to see the karma for that person/thing, or just @karma for the three highest and lowest karma scores. You can only raise or lower karma by one point at a time (so jeffdavis++++ will only raise jeffdavis' karma by one point, not two), and commenting does work (jeffdavis-- # you suck! works correctly, thanks to gsf's regex-fu).
Do a Google search and show the first few results in-channel.
If the results of a command are over a certain length, zoia may end his response with "more" or "2 more messages". You can use the @more command to display the rest of zoia's response. If you didn't give zoia the original command, add the nick of the person who did, e.g. @more jeffdavis (this only works for one message deep on another nick).
When you send zoia a message it doesn't understand (for example, if you address it as if it were a person or get the syntax of a command wrong), it responds with a random error message. You can use the @dunno command to add a new error message to its repertoire, e.g. @dunno I don't know what you're talking about.

What do people talk about in-channel?

Information technology, software development, librarianship, cultural heritage, digital repositories, the web, programming languages, cataloging, metadata standards, games, food... just about anything! The channel is informal, and a lot of off-topic socializing takes place. If you don't understand something, just ask. That goes for the techie stuff as well as the social stuff -- for many regulars, #code4lib is where they learn about all kinds of interesting technology.

What are the ground rules?

  1. Follow the Code4lib code of conduct.
  2. Respect everyone.
  3. Be sensitive of the fact that cultures, opinions and ideas of what is
    funny or appropriate are different, and that text is a very poor medium
    for conveying humor.
  4. Because this is the case, and people will be people, be quick to forgive and slow to take offense.

Aside from that, it's a bit of a free-for-all. Basically, use common sense, be respectful of others, and don't do anything that will get everyone kicked off of Freenode.

what does "++" mean?

The double-plus is used to increment someone's karma (see above, in the section about zoia).

How do you do that thing where you talk about yourself in third person?

Type /me agrees. This allows you to send a message like ***jeffdavis agrees rather than literally saying "I agree".

code4lib journal: draft purpose, format, and guidelines

There's been some good discussion on the code4lib mailing list about starting a code4lib journal. At this point it looks like we'll be trying to set something up, so I've taken a preliminary stab at formulating some policies and guidelines for publishing articles. I haven't yet tried to address some of the more innovative suggestions that have come up, and I've never set up a journal before, so please go ahead and make changes, additions, and comments (the draft is on the wiki so it can be edited directly).

unapi revision 1

[Update (2006-03-16): the new home for unAPI and this spec is unapi.info.]

Attached is revision 1 of unAPI. Revision 2 is due in one month.

unAPI has changed significantly since version 0. A combination of many sharp minds from various nations and healthy skepticism and a variety of scrumptious Oregon microbrews on tap nearby has narrowed its scoped and tightened its approach significantly.

There are still a number of issues to consider but revision 1 is a solid spec that should be easily implemented in a variety of contexts. If you wish to comment, complain, commend, or suggest other tasty Oregon microbrews we might sample before we leave Corvallis please recall that the gcs-pcs-list is the list of record for unAPI development.

My apologies for the release of the spec being seven minutes past deadline PST.

code4lib 2006 presentations will be available

We will be recording the code4lib 2006 presentations. Check back here for updates - we will try and get the presentations up as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: Most likely, the audio recordings will not be up until shortly after the conference (the facility's recording equipment is analog only, hence the delay to convert the recordings into digital format).

planet update

The code4lib planet has been updated to include flickr, technorati and delicious 'code4lib' tags. Of course the unalog support has been there for a while. If you are attending code4lib and you'd like to have your blog included please email ehs at pobox dot com.

Weather in Corvallis for Code4lib

For those attending code4lib, Corvallis is going to be a bit cool to cold, depending from where you are from. The forecast calls for highs in the low 40's at tops, and lows in the lower 30's or even upper 20's. The good news is that at the moment, it is supposed to be fairly dry Wednesday through Friday, though expect rain on Tuesday. The bad news is that the rain/dry forcast can quickly change. We do have a shuttle from the hotel to the restaurants / bars for each evening's social time, just in case.


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