Code4Lib Blog Anthology

Call for nominations! We hope to put out an annual Code4Lib Blog Anthology, containing all that is most worth preserving from the Code4Lib blogosphere each year. It will be published by a print-on-demand outfit such as in time for the Code4Lib conference each year.


we get enough nominations and editorial help. Come to the Anthology page of the wiki and review/comment on/change the criteria, then post your nominations for the 2006 and 2007 volumes.

Polling for interest in a European code4lib

Following up on discussion over on #code4lib and the code4libcon Google group, I've set up a short survey. The survey polls respondents to see what interest there is in a European event, and to assess whether such an event should be as well as or instead of a North American code4libcon.

Please register your views, and raise awareness of this survey ahead of the closing date, 15 February.

As noted in the survey itself, neither the code4lib community nor Talis are bound to hold an event at a time or in a place solely on the basis of this survey. The results are freely available, during and after the survey.

Call for Proposals to Host Code4Lib 2008

Proposals to host the 2008 Code4Lib Conference will be accepted through Friday, February 16, 2007. A decision will be made the following week by popular vote. See the hosting information page for more information.

2007 Code4lib Scholarship Recipients

Oregon State University Libraries is proud to announce the recipients of the 2007 Code4lib Conference Scholarship for Women and 2007 Code4lib Conference Minority Scholarship.

Nicole Engard is the recipient of the 2007 Code4lib Scholarship for Women. Nicole works at the Jenkins Law Library as their Web Manager, and was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2007.

Joshua Gomez is the recipient of the 2007 Code4lib Minority Scholarship. Joshua is currently a Library Assistant III at the Getty Research Institute, and is pursuing his education in computer programming and information science.

On behalf of Oregon State University and the scholarship committee, we would like to congratulate both Nicole and Joshua on their scholarships.

Delicious! Flare + SIMILE Exhibit

In looking for a solution to organize a local elementary school library, Delicious Library was my first stop. And perhaps my last... except for faceting it with Flare, of course.

I scanned a few books into Delicious Library:

And then I exported the library (to a tab-delimited format), wrote a little Delicious Library export -> Solr importer script, and my Delicious Library is now faceted with Flare:

Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate

Please sign the petition in support of the European Commission's proposed Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate

Attention all planets of the Solr federation

"INTERNET ARCHIVE goes SOLR" reports Tracey Jaquith. Tracey's announcement is worth quoting in its entirety:

We converted from a badly deteriorating "home grown" server that
was made up of java + jetty ( + rsync for replication) + an older
version of lucene.
I make some comparisons of SOLR vs. "prior" using "[]" notes below.

I parsed 2 days worth of SOLR logs to determine:
Max queries/sec: 8.8
Avg queries/sec: 5.4

Rails Edge Reston

Pragmatic Studio does it again, putting on another top notch event: Rails Edge Reston. I was fortunate enough to attend and pick up a few more gems of Ruby wisdom. Some of the highlights:

Which t-shirt design do you choose for Code4Lib 2007?

Look over the designs and pick your favorite design from the choices at the bottom of the page.
Design 1: "Proud supporter of ethical hackers and communal indexers"

Design 2: "You are the L"

Design 3: "Pointy4Lib"

Design 4: "Rosie4Lib"

Accomodation Sharing Notices

anarchivist: I've got a double room available to share at the Georgia Center for Monday through Thursday. Please let me know if you're interested either on #code4lib or e-mail me at!mmatienz.


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