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ruby-marc 0.5.0 released


- Extensive rewrite of MARC::Reader (ISO 2709 binary reader) to
provide a fairly complete and consistent handing of char encoding
issues in ruby 1.9.

- This code is well covered by automated tests, but ends up complex,
there may be bugs, please report them.

- May not work properly under jruby with non-unicode source

- Still can't handle Marc8 encoding.

- May not have entirely backwards compatible behavior with regard to
char encodings under ruby 1.9.x as previous 0.4.x versions. Test
your code. In particular, previous versions may have automatically
_transcoded_ non-unicode encodings to UTF-8 for you. This version
will not do so unless you ask it to with correct arguments.

`gem install ruby-marc -v 0.5.0 `