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self-promotion: Open Source Retreat Lucene/Solr course

This self-marketing thing is hard. Thus far I've been blessed with word-of-mouth success for the reputation from the various open source communities in which I've participated. But it does take a little advertising so folks know what you're up to. With little fanfare, some friends of mine have put together an impressive lineup of courses and speakers, and a great venue, on several open source topics. I thought it was a good idea to have a longer course on Solr and Lucene, so I agreed to give it a shot. The course is scheduled October 28 through November 2 in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, at a swanky resort. There will be plenty of time for digging deep into Lucene and Solr use, as well taking in some of the sights and food.

The course is roughly going to be structured like this:

  • Day 1: Lucene fundamentals: overview, terminology, concepts, indexing, searching, analysis.
  • Day 2: Advanced Lucene: HitCollector, term enumeration, etc, etc. TBD
  • Day 3: Solr: installation, configuration, indexing, searching, management
  • Day 4/5: Hands-on work.

It'll be crafted more specifically for the folks present.

For more information, check it out my Lucene, Solr, and Search course at OpenSourceRetreat.