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Who should host Code4Lib 2008?

Portland, OR
Oregon State University Libraries is submitting itself as a candidate to
host the 2008 Code4lib conference, in Portland, Oregon.

We believe that OSU Libraries would be a good candidate to host the 2007
Code4lib conference. We have experience in hosting the conference, having
had the honor of being the host for the first code4libcon. Additionally, we
have been a major sponsor of the conference for the first two years of its
existence. We are proposing to host the conference in Portland, Oregon -
although Portland is a larger city, it has a small city feel, and Portland
is fairly easy to fly into (and easier to get to than Corvallis). Portland
also has a number of evening venues that would suit code4lib, and has good
ties with the open source community (The OSDL is located in Portland, and
the O'Reilly Open Source Conference is now held every year in Portland.
Additionally, the Powell's Technical Bookstore would be a very fun field
trip for many of the code4lib attendees).

Hosting code4lib 2008 in Portland would also help bring the conference back
to the west coast, which is in the spirit of moving the conference from
year-to-year. We believe that our success in running the first code4lib,
combined with what we learned from doing so, would enable us to successfully
host code4lib 2008.

Madison, WI
We here at UW-Madison would like to host Code4Lib 2008. We meet all the requirements, as outlined below:

Requirements of a Hosting Site:

* A host or hosts willing to manage local arrangements (many colleges and universities are skilled at facilitating conferences)

Continuing Education Services ( index.html) at UW Madison regularly organizes workshops and conferences and can handle registration, hotel accommodations, parking, and meals.

* An auditorium or similar space suitable for 150-200 persons, plus three or more "breakout" rooms for 30-50.

As a UW unit, we can book events in several conference centers on the Madison campus, including the Pyle, Lowell and Friedrick Centers ( ). The Pyle Center has a variety of rooms that can be combined and/or separated to seat groups up to 238, and also has breakout rooms for smaller groups, with plenty in the 30 - 50 range. See pyle_flplans_grid.cfm

* Wireless network available to attendees free or sponsored by the conference

Wireless connectivity can be arranged in all the UW campus facilities at no cost to conference attendees.

Additional Desirable Qualities:

* Small college or university town (why? "amenities", my friend, amenities) Madison WI qualifies as a college town and may even appear in some dictionaries under the definition for "college or university town".

We have all the amenities associated with college towns - small town cordiality and relative safety, lots of movie theaters and bookstores, as well as bike paths, publicly-accessible university owned lakefront and other natural areas, and great athletic facilities for both watching sports, competing, and just working out. [The campus and downtown are pedestrian friendly and there is decent public transportation all around the city. There is also a plethora of entertainment opportunities (music, speakers, art, etc.) most nights of the week. We promise you won't be bored.

* Reasonably near a major airport (we are prepared to interpret this liberally if the other qualifications are strong)

It is possible to fly to either Milwaukee WI or Chicago, IL and take a bus to Madison; Madison is also reasonably well-served by major airlines, and our newly remodeled airport now has 13 gates, 2 brew pubs - one with sausages, Usinger's German Wurst Bar - a Ben & Jerry's, and at least 2 coffee bars (

*Good evening venues (e.g., interesting and/or good restaurants and bars)

The food is good here! Madison has an excess of restaurants per person, so that prices on restaurant food are kept somewhat artificially low - a meal that might cost $40 in Chicago probably costs closer to $28 in Madison. Wisconsin is an agricultural state, and many chefs and restaurants in Madison ascribe to the buy local, fresh, and seasonal point of view, bringing in meats, cheeses, and fruits and vegetables produced within just a few miles of Madison, and local beers and wines, too. Madison is not just a university town, it is also the state capital, attracting visitors from all over the state, the US, and internationally, so there are many interesting ethnic restaurants, reflecting the diversity of the population.

* Some distance away from the last conference site, all things being equal (to spread the travel pain)

Madison is approximately 925 miles away from Athens GA - which highlights about our only weakness as a Code4Lib site - it can be cold here in February and early March. The tradeoff for cold weather is access to winter sports, including cross-country skiing and ice fishing without leaving town.

Vancouver, BC
Simon Fraser University Library would like to host the code4lib Conference in 2008 at the SFU Vancouver campus. Our facilities include a 200-seat auditorium and breakout rooms of various sizes. SFU's central computing services can provide wireless accounts for participants for the duration of the conference at very low cost. The overall requirements for the code4lib Conference are similar to those for the upcoming First International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference (, which the SFU Library is currently organizing. SFU Library staff are experienced with establishing financial accounts for conferences and handling registration fees and payment to vendors.

The SFU Vancouver conference facilities (the same site where the Access 2003 Hackfest was held) are located in the city's downtown and are within easy access of Vancouver International Airport. Securing a block of hotel rooms in February should not be difficult. Downtown Vancouver offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, entertainment, and recreational opportunities such as skiing on the nearby North Shore mountains.