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Code4lib 2007 Presentation Runoff-vote

We had four presentations tied for the last two spots. This means we'll have a runoff vote for these two presentations. Voting will close around midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning EST. Everyone gets one vote, the two highest vote getters are in!

Here are the candidates:

Open-source software and the intellectual property disclosure process in academia

Michael Doran

This presentation will cover the copyright issues and pitfalls that arise when a locally created software application is being considered for release under an open-source license. It will be based on the knowledge and experience gained shepherding two applications through the intellectual property disclosure process at the University of Texas at Arlington, so that the applications could be officially released as open source.

Obstacles to Agility

Joan Starr

Academic digital libraries face serious challenges in trying to adopt agile project management techniques. While there have always been significant differences between how an academic and a corporate team might solve a problem, today, digital library and corporate offerings are often in direct competition. Time-to-market is more important than ever before. This talk will identify the most troublesome characteristics of academic bureaucracies and make suggestions for working around these obstacles.

Find, locate and loan books with Google Maps

Wolfram Schneider

ZACK bookmaps is a web application to find, locate and loan a book with google maps. ZACK use several web services in parallel to gather all necessary data in real time (Mashup). It depends on:
Z39.50 servers, Web catalogs, Library Location Code directories, Geo databases, Google maps, Amazon cover images.

After a book search, follow the Google symbol next to a book to get the physically location, offices hours and availability.

Get Groovy at your Public Library

Amy Begg De Groff

Howard County Library (a public library system in Central Maryland) deployed an open source, Ubuntu-based system on nearly 300 computers in 6 locations.

The result..
nearly 300 computers offer customers the following:
word processing (Open Office)
web surfing (Opera and Firefox)
music and video (Real Player and MPlayer)
and communication or Instant Messaging (GAIM)

The tools..

5-7 year old Dells computers
a vendor sent right from heaven (Open Sense Solutions)
willing and carefully educated front of house staff
open minded and empowered customers
and talented, talented, talented technical staff

The cost..
$25.00 for software
$2000.00 for support
$25,000 in memory upgrades