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Breakout session ideas

People interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 60-90 minute blocks. Somebody near to the project/problem can coordinate discussion, set up hackers, tackle a challenge session topic, etc. Larger groups will get separate space, smaller groups can just spread out in the larger conference room space.

If you have an idea for a breakout topic, you can add it here. (See below the fold for the current list of suggestions.)


Building a library IM bot. As suggested by Ed Vielmetti, it would be handy to provide bots that patrons can add as buddies to their AIM, MSN, or Yahoo IM accounts. Features might include:

  • catalogue searching
  • library hours
  • my account information (at least display it, and maybe renew books too?)
  • contact information for circ desks, liaison librarians etc.
  • forward a reference question to a librarian IM account

Developing w/unAPI

Overview of the state of the still-being-written spec, what it does, and what it can do for you. A good time to try implementing it, too! -dchud

Developing an Interface to the Metalib XServer (or for a new OPAC interface)
How are we all facing the issue of developing a well-designed and architected interface for a federated search engine or an OPAC? What are we missing, what is necessary, what is the "killer-app"?
Suggested By Andrew Nagy