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book club

So a bunch of us in #code4lib are thinking of starting up a book club to read tech books together, learn from each other in the process, and hopefully use a bit of peer pressure to propel ourselves into actually finishing a book.

The first book we're proposing we read is Practical Common Lisp which is available in print and also online. Lisp and functional languages in general are enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, so we figured this might be a good one to start with. It's also very, umm, practical--building working code to parse ID3 tags (metadata!) and the like.

Should we create a google group or something? Any suggested name for the group? Is there really any need to limit our membership to people in libraries? How about books4code?

Interested? Suggestions? Bueller? Feel free to tack comments on here.

Update: A Google Group and a wiki have been created.


Seems like the groups feature of LibraryThing would be ideal for this.

no need for limits that would be hard to define and harder to enforce

...of course. I don't have any real preferences about the exact implementation. "books4code" is fine with me, and I'm also on board with PCL as the first book. My REPL is fired up and ready to go.