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Lucidworks: Apache Solr 7 Ready for Download

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 21:48

While we lived it up in Vegas at Lucene/Solr Revolution 2017, the Lucene PMC announced the release of Apache Solr 7.0.0. Download.

Here’s a webinar walking though what’s new in Solr 7.

From the release announcement:

Highlights for this Solr release include:
  • Replica Types – Solr 7 supports different replica types, which handle updates differently. In addition to pure NRT operation where all replicas build an index and keep a replication log, you can now also add so called PULL replicas, achieving the read-speed optimized benefits of a master/slave setup while at the same time keeping index redundancy.
  • Auto-scaling. Solr can now allocate new replicas to nodes using a new auto scaling policy framework. This framework will in future releases enable Solr to move shards around based on load, disk etc.
  • Indented JSON is now the default response format for all APIs, pass wt=xml and/or indent=off to use the previous unindented XML format.
  • The JSON Facet API now supports two-phase facet refinement to ensure accurate counts and statistics for facet buckets returned in distributed mode.
  • Streaming Expressions adds a new statistical programming syntax for the statistical analysis of sql queries, random samples, time series and graph result sets.
  • Analytics Component version 2.0, which now supports distributed collections, expressions over multivalued fields, a new JSON request language, and more.
  • The new v2 API, exposed at /api/ and also supported via SolrJ, is now the preferred API, but /solr/ continues to work.
  • A new ‘_default’ configset is used if no config is specified at collection creation. The data-driven functionality of this configset indexes strings as analyzed text while at the same time copying to a ‘*_str’ field suitable for faceting.
  • Solr 7 is tested with and verified to support Java 9.

Full release notes. 

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Evergreen ILS: Second Evergreen 3.0 beta released + OpenSRF 3.0.0-alpha

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 20:31

The second beta release of Evergreen 3.0 is now available for testing from the downloads page.

The second beta includes the following changes since the first beta release:

  • Support for Debian Stretch
  • Various improvements to the translation system.
  • Various bug fixes; the complete list can be found on Launchpad.

This release now requires OpenSRF 3.0.0. An alpha release of OpenSRF 3.0 is available today as well.

OpenSRF 3.0.0-alpha also adds support for Debian Stretch. OpenSRF also changes how services written in the C programming language are loaded, and as a consequence, testers of the second Evergreen 3.0 beta release must plan on installing or upgrading to OpenSRF 3.0.0-alpha.  If you are upgrading a test system that used an older version of OpenSRF, please note the instructions for updating opensrf.xml.

Evergreen 3.0 will be a major release that includes:

  • community support of the web staff client for production use
  • serials and offline circulation modules for the web staff client
  • improvements to the display of headings in the public catalog browse list
  • the ability to search patron records by date of birth
  • copy tags and digital bookplates
  • batch editing of patron records
  • better support for consortia that span multiple time zones
  • and numerous other improvements

For more information on what’s coming in Evergreen 3.0.0, please read the updated draft of the release notes.

Users of Evergreen are strongly encouraged to use the beta release to test new features and the web staff client; bugs should be reported via Launchpad. A release candidate is scheduled to be made on 27 September.

Evergreen admins installing the beta or upgrading a test system to the beta should be aware of the following:

  • The minimum version of PostgreSQL required to run Evergreen 3.0 is PostgreSQL 9.4.
  • Evergreen 3.0 requires that the open-ils.qstore service be active.
  • SIP2 bugfixes in Evergreen 3.0 require an upgrade of SIPServer to be fully effective.
  • There is no database upgrade script to go from 3.0-beta1 to 3.0-beta2. While we recommend testing an upgrade by starting from a 2.12 test system, if you want to go from beta1 to beta2, you can apply the 1076.function.copy_vis_attr_cache_fixup.sql schema update.

Evergreen 3.0.0 will be a large, ambitious release; testing during beta period will be particularly important for a smooth release on 3 October.

Evergreen ILS: On the Road to 3.0: Webby on Mobile

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 16:26

The second in our series of videos highlighting features of 3.0 is now available on our Youtube Channel: Webby on Mobile!  Instead of highlighting a distinct feature this video shows off the 3.0 staff client and it’s high degree of parity with how it can be used on a desktop or laptop computer on a mobile device.

While there, please subscribe to our Youtube channel, we only need 28 more subscriptions to qualify for a custom URL!


#evergreen #evgils

Evergreen ILS: Evergreen 2.11.9 and 2.12.6 released

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 02:17

The Evergreen community is pleased to announce two maintenance releases of Evergreen: 2.11.9 and 2.12.6.

Evergreen 2.12.6 has the following changes improving on Evergreen 2.12.5:

  • Removes the option to add a title to My List from Group Formats and Editions searches where the option never worked correctly due to a bad id.
  • Removes deleted shelving locations from the web client’s volume/copy editor.
  • Adds the patron opt-in check in the web client whenever a patron is retrieved by barcode scan, patron search, or item circ history.
  • Fixes a bug where the price and acquisitions cost fields did not display their values.
  • Fixes a bug where a patron’s circulation history no longer moved to the lead account when merging patron accounts.
  • Now hides the ebook tabs in My Account for sites that have not yet enabled the Ebook API service.
  • Trims spaces from patron barcodes in the web client check out interface.
  • Makes a string in the holds validation alert translatable.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the web client patron registration screen from loading when there is an opt-in action triggers, such as the email checkout receipt, set to be a registration default.
  • Fixes a bug where barcode validation in the web client patron editor was using the incorrect regular expression.
  • Replaces an empty string in the mobile carrier dropdown menu with a Please select your mobile carrier label to improve usability and resolve a problem with translations.
  • Restores the ability to display a photo in the web client patron editor for accounts that have an actor.usr.photo_url.
  • Fixes a Firefox display issue in the web client that occurred when retrieving a bib record by TCN when the MARC Edit tab was set as the default view.
  • Fixes an bug where setting a patron’s default pickup location in the web client patron editor inadvertently changed the home library. It also disables any locations that are not viable pickup locations.
  • Fixes a bug where a misscan in a copy bucket failed silently.

Evergreen 2.11.9 has the following changes improving on 2.11.8:

  • The option to add a title to My List is removed from Group Formats and Editions searches where the option never worked correctly due to a bad id.

Please visit the downloads page to view the release notes and retrieve the server software and staff clients.

Library Tech Talk (U of Michigan): Starting the Conversation with the LIT Tech Diversity Reading Club

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 00:00

In line with the University of Michigan Library's strategic plan to support diversity, individuals in the Library Information Technology division started a Diversity Reading Club where colleagues can come together to lean and discuss readings on the subject. The Reading Club has been going for over a year and a half, and we discuss what it is and why we think it works.

DuraSpace News: SHARE your migration and upgrade Story

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-09-21 00:00

From Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager for DuraSpace

Islandora: It's the 7.x-1.10 Code Freeze!

planet code4lib - Wed, 2017-09-20 19:54
Hello, collaborators,   As of yesterday night / this morning, we have officially frozen code for the 7.x-1.10 release. This means:
  • Any bug fixes or documentation tickets now need two pull requests, one on the 7.x branch and one on 7.x-1.10. 
  • Any improvement or new feature pull requests can go on the 7.x branch, and will be part of the next (early 2018) release. 
  • If you like, you can check out the 7.x-1.10 branches and start to test! A full release candidate (RC) Virtual Machine will be prepared over the next ten days and will be available on Sept 29. 
  Kudos and thank you  To all of our intrepid auditors: Janice, Melissa, Mark, Neil, Matthew, Chris, Rachel, Caleb, Bayard, Keila, Charles, and Devin, thank you for getting the README and LICENSE audits done before code freeze. Thanks especially to those who jumped in as first-time Github contributors. Github ain't easy, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a PR is forthcoming. Thanks also to the community who've been working on improvements and bug fixes all along and especially preparing for code freeze.  The full list of improvements and new features that are marked as 7.x-1.10 are here though there may be more that haven't yet had the fix version applied. (Friendly reminder because we all forget: when you merge a pull request, close the Jira ticket too and include a fix version)    What kept us up: The last improvement to make it into the release was a ticket from June 2015 that allows other modules to hook into the results of the checksum checker. We also fought Travis over the last few weeks because an update to their default distributions broke our testing framework. Thank you to Jonathan and Jared who helped non-stop with that.   Next steps There are 157 open bugs and documentation tickets so let's see what we can get fixed for this release!    Your 7.x-1.10 Release Team Rosie and Diego  

LITA: Jobs in Information Technology: September 20, 2017

planet code4lib - Wed, 2017-09-20 19:18

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

Yale University, Director of Monographic Processing Services, New Haven, CT

Yale University, Director of Resource Discovery Services, New Haven, CT

Yale University, Director of E-Resources and Serials Management, New Haven, CT

Marquette University Libraries, Systems Librarian, Milwaukee, WI

LYRASIS, DevOps Specialist, Atlanta, GA

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

Islandora: The Islandora Roadmap Committee is now the Islandora Coordinating Committee

planet code4lib - Wed, 2017-09-20 16:31

The Islandora Roadmap Committee is changing its name to the Islandora Coordinating Committee. This change is intended to address some confusion about the role of this important group, which meets up every other week to work on how our community works together. They are the body primarily responsible for our Code of Conduct, workflows, and for overseeing and liaising with our many Interest Groups. Their full Terms of Reference are here.

They do a lot of important work helping this community to support our mutual goals for Islandora. The term “Roadmap,” however, can imply a level of oversight over technical direction that the group has not practiced since before the Islandora Foundation was formed in 2013. The new name better reflects the role they play in Islandora's governance now, and was driven in particular by looking at this definition of “coordinate”: 

Bring the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a harmonious or efficient relationship. (Oxford Dictionary)

The Islandora Coordinating Committee has been working for years to help bring the many elements of the Islandora community together into a harmonious and efficient relationship. We hope that the new name helps to make that easier to see.

The active members of the Islandora Coodinating Committee are:

  • Donald Moses, UPEI (legacy)
  • Melissa Anez, Islandora Foundation
  • Danny Lamb Islandora Foundation
  • David Wilcox, DuraSpace (legacy)
  • Anna St.Onge, York University
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt, University of Toronto Scarborough (legacy)
  • Greg Colati, University of Connecticut
  • Jonathan Green, LYRASIS
  • Will Panting, discoverygarden Inc.
  • Gabriela Mircea, McMaster University
  • Gavin Morris, Born-Digital
  • Rosie Lefaive, UPEI
  • Mark Baggett, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University
  • Bryan Brown, Florida State University
  • Jordan Fields, Marmot Library Network
  • Diego Pino, METRO
  • Kim Pham, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • David Keiser-Clark, Islandora Collaboration Group


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