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Evergreen ILS: Evergreen 3.0 development update #1

planet code4lib - Fri, 2017-04-14 12:30

1905 woodcut by Bertha Lum, retrieved from the Library of Congress

We have ambitious plans for Evergreen 3.0. Not only will it mark the first release where the community will fully support production use of the web staff client, a number of new features are in the works, including copy tags, batch patron editing, and support for performing ebook circulation transactions directly in the public catalog. A full list of the planned features can be found on the roadmap. (And if you have any other features in the works, please add them to the roadmap by the end of the day on 14 April.)

In addition, some things will be going away. The open-ils.permacrud service, a Perl predecessor to open-ils.pcrud that is barely used, will be removed outright. The XUL staff client will still be present in 3.0, but it will be deprecated, and is slated to be removed in the Fall 2018 release.

Some changes to the project’s development infrastructure may happen as well during the 3.0 cycle. In particular, there was a discussion at the hackfest during the Evergreen International Conference last week about possibly replacing Launchpad for bug tracking with something that manages both our Git repositories and issue tracking. If you have thoughts on the matter, please add them to the wiki page where we’re discussing this.

Speaking of the conference, several presentations touched on development, documentation, and translation matters. Here’s a list of the ones for which slides are available as of this writing:

As of this writing, 13 patches have been committed to the master branch since 6 April 2017. It may be useful to mention how I arrived at this number. I ran git log --pretty="%cd %s" --date short --since '2017-04-06 23:59:59' origin/master. Breaking this down, git log is the command that lists the history of Git commits in a branch; --pretty="%cd %s" says to output the commit date (%cd) and subject line (%s); --date short says to format the date like YYYY-MM-DD; --since '2017-04-06 23:59:59' says to include only commits applied since that time; while origin/master is the branch to report on. (I did a git fetch origin first). The output ended up being:

2017-04-12 LP#1670425: RTL improvements to new advanced search limiter block 2017-04-12 LP#1670425: Adjust the release notes entry to reflect changes 2017-04-12 LP#1670425: New responsive design for advanced search limiters block 2017-04-12 LP#1670425: Moving display of advanced search limiters on search results page 2017-04-12 LP#1665933: describe the new -x option when running -h 2017-04-12 LP 1665933: Skip XUL staff client build in make_release. 2017-04-11 LP#1680624 Remove bower packaging bits 2017-04-11 LP#1680624 angular-ui-bootstrap stopped shipping minified files 2017-04-11 LP#1680624 Consolidate package dependencies into package.json 2017-04-11 LP#1680312: Fix IDs for for i18n 2017-04-11 LP#1680312 Ensure oils_i18n_gettext keys are unique 2017-04-10 LP#1677416: unbreak use of egOrgSelector by egEditFmRecord 2017-04-10 LP#1167541: Use Patron home org for pickup lib instead of staff's Duck trivia

For 22 years, Cincinnati (across the river from where the 2017 Evergreen International Conference was held in Covington, Kentucky) has held a Rubber Duck Regatta benefiting a local food bank.


Updates on the progress to Evergreen 3.0 will be published every Friday until general release of 3.0.0. If you have material to contribute to the updates, please get them to Galen Charlton by Thursday morning.

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Walk like a SQLian

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 22:10
Got a session on SQL by Jeremy Newville. Introduction SQL is what allows direct work with the Horizon database, useful both inside and outside of the client. Inside the Client Many mq view reports allow good search options, but can’t always get the views you want. Example: want to see list of borrowers where barcodes … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Walk like a SQLian

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Horizon System Administrator Sharing Session

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 21:07
Moderated by Kay Dunker, Systems Librarian, Valley Library Consortium Sybase: upgrade to 16, went fine. Clients do not need to be updated. Windows 64-bit: Horizon fresh client install has issues, Sybase chokes. No concrete documentation yet. Windows 10 Anniversary edition: client locks up if tab away. Tentative workaround, click on taskbar to minimize and re-open. … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Horizon System Administrator Sharing Session

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud Circulation for Horizon

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 19:49
Taking a look at BlueCloud Circulation with a demo. Basics newest addition to the “family” 35 pilot sites first users: academic (load patron records), special, K-12 (records loading, check in/out), outlets (community centres, etc.), consortia members requirements: Horizon 7.5.3+, Web services 2017.01+, BlueCloud Central (institution, users, circulation role, profiles), ILS policies for circulation certificate for … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud Circulation for Horizon

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Horizon Lightning Talks

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 19:41
Lightning talks specifically on Horizon. Let’s learn some stuff! Using the Horizon Debugger client comes with built-in debugger that records all database transactions log can provide relevant table and column names, if task can be done with SQL, help troubleshoot performance issues invoke debugger with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D Options DbCommand: make sure this box is checked so … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Horizon Lightning Talks

Brown University Library Digital Technologies Projects: Ivy Plus Discovery Day

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 18:48

On June 4-5, 2017 the Library will host the third annual Ivy Plus Discovery Day. “DiscoDay”, as we like to call it, is an opportunity for staff who work on discovery systems (like Blacklight Josiah) to share an update of their work in progress and discuss common issues.

On Sunday, June 4 we will have a hackathon on these two topics.

  • StackLife — integrating virtual browse in discovery systems
  • Linked Data Authorities — leveraging authorities to provide users with another robust method for exploring our data and finding materials of interest

On Monday, June 5 there will be a full day of sharing and unconference discussion sessions.

We expect about 40 staff from the 13 Ivy Plus Libraries.  We’ve initially limited participation to three staff from each institution and we hope to have a good mix of developers, metadata specialists, user experience librarians and others whose work is closely tied to the institution’s discovery system.

For more information about Discovery Day see:

Access Conference: Conference Registration & Diversity Scholarships Open!

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 18:39

Today is the day! Registration is open for Access 2017!

Come join us in sunny Saskatoon Sept 27-29th – REGISTER NOW

This year registration will be capped at 150 people due to space restrictions in the conference venue. You will want to register early to save your spot and to take advantage of early-bird registration prices ($350 + GST until July 1st). Registration details, all price categories, and conference hotel information available now.

We are also seeking proposals for two all-inclusive diversity scholarships (hotel, registration, transportation, up to $2000 CDN).  Diversity is one of the core values of librarianship. It expands perspectives, creates opportunities, increases creativity and innovation, reduces bias and promotes positive externalities. The Access Conference is committed to fostering an environment of understanding and respect within librarianship. To encourage diversity, the 2017 Access Conference is proud to have a distinguished diversity scholarship committee coordinating and adjudicating submissions for these awards. Details and application form available now.

LibUX: CSS Variables and WebVR in Edge, and ISPs can screw us

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 18:25

W3 Radio is a bite-sized podcast recapping the week in web news in 10 minutes or less. It is exclusive to LibUX Patreon supporters – for a little while longer, anyway. We are close to making this a real thing. So, if you’re in a position to support LibUX, access to these podcasts is just $5 per month. Your support goes a long way. | Support

Download on Patreon.

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Web Services for Horizon

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 16:04
Overview of web services updates. A web based client allows use of BlueCloud and other things. August 2016 Technology Update: updated framework with how deliver. moved to Java 8, HTTPS/TLS 1.2 (TLS 1.2 coming for Enterprise 5), discrete time zones transit groups: introduced with Horizon 7.5.4, will take into consideration item transit primary address: first … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Web Services for Horizon

LITA: 2017 LITA Forum – Call for Proposals

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 16:02

The 2017 LITA Forum Committee seeks proposals for the 20th Annual Forum of the Library Information and Technology Association in Denver, Colorado from November 9-12, 2017.

Submit your proposal at this site

The Forum Committee welcomes proposals for full-day preconferences, concurrent sessions, workshops, or poster sessions related to all types of libraries: public, school, academic, government, special, and corporate. Collaborative, hands-on, and interactive concurrent sessions, such as panel discussions, hands-on practical workshops, or short talks followed by open moderated discussions, are especially welcomed. We deliberately seek and strongly encourage submissions from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, the LGBTQA+ community and people with disabilities.

The Submission deadline is Friday May 19, 2017.

Proposals could relate to, but are not restricted to, any of the following topics:

  • Discovery, navigation, and search
  • Practical applications of linked data
  • Library spaces (virtual or physical)
  • User experience
  • Emerging technologies
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Open content, software, and technologies
  • Assessment, analytics, and metrics
  • Systems integration
  • Hacking the library
  • Scalability and sustainability of library services and tools
  • Consortial resource and system sharing
  • “Big Data” — work in discovery, preservation, or documentation
  • Library I.T. competencies
  • Diversity in library technology
  • Technology Leadership and Administration

Proposals may cover projects, plans, ideas, or recent discoveries. We accept proposals on any aspect of library and information technology. The committee particularly invites submissions from first time presenters, library school students, and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Vendors wishing to submit a proposal should partner with a library representative who is testing/using the product.

Presenters will submit final presentation slides and/or electronic content (video, audio, etc.) to be made available online following the event. Presenters are expected to register and participate in the Forum as attendees; a discounted registration rate will be offered.

If you have any questions, contact Vincci Kwong, Forum Planning Committee Chair, at

Submit your proposal at this site

More information about LITA is available from the LITA website, Facebook and Twitter.

LITA: 2017 LITA Election Results

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 15:01

Please join us in congratulating our newly elected LITA officers:

View ALA election results on the ALA website

David Rosenthal: Bufferbloat

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 15:00
This is just a brief note to point out that, after a long hiatus, my friend Jim Gettys has returned to blogging with Home products that fix/mitigate bufferbloat, an invaluable guide to products that incorporate some of the very impressive work undertaken by the bufferbloat project, CeroWrt, and the LEDE WiFi driver. The queuing problems underlying bufferbloat, the "lag" that gamers complain about and other performance issues at the edge of the Internet can make home Internet use really miserable. It has taken appallingly long for the home router industry to start shipping products with even the initial fixes released years ago. But a trickle of products is now available, and it is a great service for Jim to point at them.

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Quest for 24

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 14:47
Session on getting material out within 24 hours. Sam Moore; Technical Services Associate; Kansas Public Library Schools 43 schools, 2015-16 schol year the schools became fully outsourced, 2-5 months between ordering and shelf, now 2-3 weeks, work previously done by 2 people, now all done by 1 person who only deal with ordering, invoicing, and … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Quest for 24

Open Knowledge Foundation: Global conference to explore parliaments, OGP, and trust in representative institutions. Registration deadline today!

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 10:00

This spring, 30 Open Government Partnership (OGP) member countries will develop National Action Plans. With international momentum growing and new rules on parliamentary participation in place, this cycle presents an opportunity to advance the legislative openness agenda by developing meaningful commitments and deepening the participation of parliaments in OGP. By sharing information, connecting legislative openness champions, and inspiring new members of this growing community, the Global Legislative Openness Conference aims to help parliaments and civil society groups around the world take full advantage of this important opportunity.

Hosted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and organised by the Open Government Partnership’s Legislative Openness Working Group and other partners, the Global Legislative Openness Conference will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine on May 19-20. Conference organisers anticipate 200 members of parliament, government officials, and civil society representatives from around the world. If you are interested in learning more or registering for the conference, please see the conference website. Please note that the deadline to pre-register for the conference is Thursday, April 13.


The Global Legislative Openness Conference will be hosted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

For the Open Knowledge network, this conference provides an opportunity to connect with legislators and government officials who are, in many cases, leading champions for open government in their respective countries. Along with these participants, the conference will convene many members of the global parliamentary monitoring network, which is based at The organizers are hopeful that the conference can help build deeper ties between the Open Knowledge network and the community, particularly given the number of overlapping initiatives and projects.

The two-day event will include a series of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions. Parliamentary participation in OGP will be a primary theme of the conference. For those parliamentary or civil society representatives less familiar with the OGP process, a series of breakout sessions on OGP basics will be offered. For those looking for inspiration to develop legislative openness commitments, thematic panels covering legislative ethics, lobbying, civil society engagement, and open data will discuss different types of commitments that could be made and consider example commitments and lessons learned. Apart from the development of legislative openness commitments, speakers will consider other ways parliaments can support open government, from passing legislation to conducting oversight. The program has been designed to cater to OGP veterans and newcomers alike, whether in parliament or civil society.

The conference will also include conversations on broader themes related to technology, openness, and governance. For instance, one session will explore how misinformation and “fake news” are negatively impacting political discourse and will consider how parliaments can best operate in this new media environment. While the disruptive potential of new technologies has been repeatedly proven, these tools can also help reinvigorate our democracies — by creating new channels of communication between elected officials and constituents, for instance. The conference will consider both the challenges and opportunities for legislatures in the digital age, drawing on the expertise of technology experts, parliamentary representatives, and civil society leaders.

The deadline to pre-register for the conference is Thursday, April 13 (Today!). All who are interested in attending the conference are encouraged to apply, though it should be noted that completing the pre-registration form does not guarantee a spot at the conference. Given the level of demand and limited space at the Verkhovna Rada, not all who pre-register will be able to attend.
We look forward to seeing many of you in Kyiv for a productive two days.

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Opening Keynote by SD Executives

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 04:05
After some opening remarks, we got into the conference. The opening keynote by the executives to talk a bit about the direction for the new years. Connecting to a Bright Future The focus in the next years is to put the spotlight on libraries with the message “Power of Libraries”. Embedding your library as a … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Opening Keynote by SD Executives

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Technical Update

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 04:04
We got an update of the work going on at SD especially around automation. by Sheridan Richey, VP Software Dev and Product Manager BLUEcloud Automation Timeline AWS deployment, Jenkins CI, Maven, Bitbucket, Dockerization, PR builds, acceptance test tooling, UI test framework 2017: SaltStack, Jetstream (move from AWS to own cloud), STET, automated testing training Moving … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Technical Update

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Stump the Chumps Horizon Edition

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 04:03
An open forum for Horizon administrators. Webinars What topics would people like to see? reserves inventory prediction patterns: import/export security overview custom reports/where clause Mix of 15 and 90 minute length webinars available on many of these topics. All Horizon training posted on the website. Clearing data and codes Collection codes cannot be deleted due … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Stump the Chumps Horizon Edition

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: Adventures in Data Services

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 04:02
Enhanced Content, Bibliographic, Authority, and more. Tracy Moyers, Director of Product Implementation Products BlueCloud Visibility Exposing catalogue. Takes MARC structure to BIBFRAME. Really just another search index. BlueCloud Digital Academy eContent put directly into catalogue metadata records from the various content providers are identified, reviewed, aggregated, mapped, and converted to MARC integration options: elibrary, HIP, … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: Adventures in Data Services

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: MobileCirc Sharing Session

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 03:58
If there are features you want or some that you have in common, go vote! Submitted Enhancement Requests: display user, multiple active IDs, item search and display, place holds, custom receipt printer format, reset login/session. When pulling list, showing holds as available for pick up instead of transit hold. Make sure to update Web Services … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: MobileCirc Sharing Session

Cynthia Ng: COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud MobileCirc for Horizon

planet code4lib - Thu, 2017-04-13 03:57
We got a run down on MobileCirc for Horizon with Roslyn Dean, Product Specialist Manager. Basics Not meant to be a full featured module, but allow you to get out from behind the desk. Two options: browser based, and app. Use case examples include: stacks material processing; example: in-house use circulation lines bookmobiles renewal service … Continue reading COSUGI 2017: BlueCloud MobileCirc for Horizon


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