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Christoper Stearns

Date: December 6, 2005 11:36:53 AM PST

Title: Stacks on the Tracks...More efficient library application development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is gaining ground in commercial web software development, but this web development framework is ideal for many of the in-house projects library software developers often find themselves struggling with as well. By simplifying many of the low-level functions and processes required in most web application development, Rails allows developers to spend a maximum amount of time working with users to determine, and deliver, high-level functionalities and features that help them be more efficient as well. In turn, the consistent Model-View-Controller application architecture and, indeed, the Ruby language itself helps lone developers on tight schedules produce, refactor, and modify their application code much more quickly and efficiently than is often the case with other popular scripting languages.

Chris Stearns
Software Development
Auburn University Libraries