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Andrew Nagy

Date: December 1, 2005 2:53:47 PM PST

Hello all geeks!

I would mainly like to come to the conference assuming my prof dev request goes through. However, I thought I might propose a talk since I am in the planning/design stages of a fairly large and somewhat innovative project.

I am currently designing out what I am calling internally as an "XML Framework" for our library's primary access system to our entire collection of resources. The goal of this XML Framework is to contain our entire catalog which contains our journals and books as well as a collection for our digital library and our digital repository and possibly even our library's website. The system will be built from the eXist XML database which structures "collections" in a heirarchical system much like a filesystem. The collections have permissions just like a unix filesystem that allows the control for management, etc. The book and journal records would be generated in MARCXML format from our library catalog and our digital library and digital repository content would be stored using the METS XML format. With everything in a single "XML Framework" this allows incredibly easy access following the google style of search where you simply type in your keywords and then decide what it i
s you are looking for instead of determining you want to search for a book first of an article and using the appropriate search method.

I would like to describe my findings and how I plan to implement this system.

I am also going to implement the Metalib XServer into this plan as we currently have just launched our pilot application using the XServer. I would also be willing to discuss my development efforts in this area as well.

I look forward to the conference, especially the results!