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If you're driving to Corvallis for the conference and you'll have leftover space in your vehicle, please consider adding your name, email, point of origin (presumably Portland or Eugene airport), number of empty seats, and estimated time of departure to and from Corvallis below.

This will make it easier for financially constrained individuals like myself to score a cheap ride. ;)


I will be renting a car from Enterprise and driving to Corvallis soon after arriving. I have room in my car. Email me today or tomorrow morning (

My flight into PDX arrives 11:58PM and I assume I'll be renting a car for the drive. If anyone wants or ride or has a seat....

I am flying into PDX and am scheduled to arrive at 1:00pm. I rented a car so I should have plenty of room if anyone needs a ride into Corvallis. My flight out of PDX is at 2:00pm on friday so I will be leaving probably at 11:30 or so from Corvallis if anyone needs a ride back at that time.

My flight will be arriving at PDX at 10:55pm -- if you still might have an extra seat email me,

no longer offering up that ride

I'm also arriving at the Portland airport around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon and hitting the road to Corvallis about 2:30 with room for a couple of passengers. Since I have a plane to catch on Friday, I'll be leaving soon after the conference wraps at noon, again with room for a couple of people. Contact me at steve_watkins at csumb dot edu

Followup -- looks like I've got a full car, but it sounds like several of the Portland locals have room.

I live in Portland so I won't be going down to the conference until early wednesday morning. I'll leave sometime after end on friday with room to spare. if you need a ride.

I'm arriving at 11pm tuesday eve, and renting a sedan for the immediate drive down to corvallis. Three seats are taken, so one's still open.

I will be driving back up to Portland from Corvallis on sunday, probably a.m., two seats still open.


The ride from PDX to Corvallis is now full. -dchud

I will be driving down to Corvallis early Wednesday morning from Hillsboro, which is a bit on the other side of the Portland metro area, but not too far from PDX. I could pick up from PDX or anywhere else in the area. I'll be returning probably Friday afternoon, after the conference is over. With luggage, I'd have room for 2 more people. ryan dot wick at oregonstate dot edu

...and immediately heading to Corvallis. Three seats available.

Return plans are less certain, though I do have a flight leaving PDX at 11:59PM Saturday.

Arriving PDX 17:25 on UA929, to stay in Corvallis that evening.
Returning to Portland on Friday after the conference, to downtown hotel for Jazz Festival.

Anyone with space and coinciding times would be much nicer than a long ride in a shuttle with random strangers:)

-- Rob Sanderson/Azaroth

Does anyone still have space in their car for the ride back to Portland on Friday? My flight doesn't leave till 11:55pm, so the timing doesn't matter too much.

Also: is anyone planning on having their car at the Holiday Inn Express? I'm wondering about how to get back and forth between the two hotels during the conference.

Please let me know at


If you want to hop in, yes, there's space in my car [see reply in Share a Room anyone?] I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn too - more than happy to have company back and forth the hotel and the conference place.

I can carry as many as will fit in my Hyundai Accent (or similar). My flight is due to arrive at 9:30pm.