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code4lib 2009

Code4Lib 2009 Conference

LuSql: (Quickly and easily) Getting your data from your DBMS into Lucene

Glen Newton, CISTI, National Research Council

Need to move your data from your DBMS to Lucene? The recently released LuSql allows you to do this in a single line. LuSql is a high performance, low use barrier application for getting DBMS data into Lucene. This presentation will introduce LuSql, and give a brief tutorial on simple to crazy complicated use cases, including per document sub-queries and out-of-band document transformations.


Like a can opener for your data silo: simple access through AtomPub and Jangle

Ross Singer, Talis

Jangle is an open specification to apply the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) to library systems and data. It provides a simple RESTful interface that can be accessed with common Atom Syndication and AtomPub clients making it easier to integrate library data into other applications. This presentation will describe the architecture of Jangle, show how it works and give some ideas as to how it could be used for common integration problems.


A Bookless Future for Libraries: A Comedy in 3 Acts

Stefano Mazzocchi
Keynote Address

QuickTime Video:
[Footage of the speaker was inadvertently not captured.]


Video on Internet Archive


Why libraries should embrace Linked Data

Anders Söderbäck, National Library of Sweden

The promise of Linked Data is not that it is another way of aggregating data. For too long have library data been trapped within data-silos only accessible through obscure protocols. Why is access to library data still an issue? Letting everyone access and link to library data lets anyone build the next killer app. LIBRIS, the Swedish Union Catalogue is, since the beginning of this year, available as Linked Data. We discuss how and why.

Code4Lib 2009 Lightning Talks

Lightning talks on are scheduled on all three days of the conference. A lightning talk is a fast paced 5 minute talk on a topic of your choosing. If you'd like to do a lightning talk please add your name and topic to the flipchart that will be available at the conference. You can do more than one if you want, but if the slots fill up (there are 39 of them) you might have to choose which one you want to do.

Code4Lib 2009 Breakout Sessions

Those interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 70 minute blocks. Generally the person who suggests the topic will take on the role as moderator to begin and moderate the discussion. Anyone can propose a breakout session - please think about whether you would want a session to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the order of talks and who you hope will attend.

2009 Code4lib Scholarship Recipients

Brown University and Oregon State University are proud to announce the recipients of the four 2009 Code4lib Conference Gender Diversity and Minority Scholarships.

Lauren Ko is the recipient of one of the 2009 Code4lib Gender Diversity Scholarships. Lauren has a BA in Computer Science and a recent (2008) Master's in Information Sciences. She is currently Web Archiving Programmer at the University of North Texas Libraries.

Code4lib 2009 T-shirt Design Contest

And the winner is ...

Submission #13, Design by Yohanes Sandy (About the design)

The designs are in! VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorites before January 31, 2009 11:59 PM EST!

Code4lib 2009 Gender Diversity and Minority Scholarships

Brown University, Oregon State University, and Code4lib are offering four scholarships to promote gender and cultural diversity.


Brown University / Oregon State University / Code4lib Gender Diversity Scholarship


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