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code4lib 2007

Anything having to do with the code4lib 2007 conference to be held in Athens, Georgia, Feb 28 through Mar 2.

The Intellectual Property Disclosure Process: Releasing Open Source Software in Academia

Michael Doran

This presentation will cover the copyright issues and pitfalls that arise when a locally created software application is being considered for release under an open-source license. It will be based on the knowledge and experience gained shepherding two applications through the intellectual property disclosure process at the University of Texas at Arlington, so that the applications could be officially released as open source.


Polling for interest in a European code4lib

Following up on discussion over on #code4lib and the code4libcon Google group, I've set up a short survey. The survey polls respondents to see what interest there is in a European event, and to assess whether such an event should be as well as or instead of a North American code4libcon.

Please register your views, and raise awareness of this survey ahead of the closing date, 15 February.

As noted in the survey itself, neither the code4lib community nor Talis are bound to hold an event at a time or in a place solely on the basis of this survey. The results are freely available, during and after the survey.

2007 Code4lib Scholarship Recipients

Oregon State University Libraries is proud to announce the recipients of the 2007 Code4lib Conference Scholarship for Women and 2007 Code4lib Conference Minority Scholarship.

Nicole Engard is the recipient of the 2007 Code4lib Scholarship for Women. Nicole works at the Jenkins Law Library as their Web Manager, and was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2007.

Joshua Gomez is the recipient of the 2007 Code4lib Minority Scholarship. Joshua is currently a Library Assistant III at the Getty Research Institute, and is pursuing his education in computer programming and information science.

Delicious! Flare + SIMILE Exhibit

In looking for a solution to organize a local elementary school library, Delicious Library was my first stop. And perhaps my last... except for faceting it with Flare, of course.

I scanned a few books into Delicious Library:

And then I exported the library (to a tab-delimited format), wrote a little Delicious Library export -> Solr importer script, and my Delicious Library is now faceted with Flare:

Code4Lib 2007 T-Shirt Contest

We have started accepting t-shirt designs for this year's Code4Lib conference t-shirt. Now is a chance to submit your idea! We'll stop accepting submissions on Friday, Jan. 19th. Some time after that voting will begin. As designs are received they will be included on this page (to hopefully encourage even more entries).

Stone Soup

(my first code4lib post)

Ed Summers and William Groppe have jumped in head-strong to crafting a Ruby DSL to Solr. solrb is coming along nicely thanks to our collaborations.

Another early adopter asked a question on the solr-user e-mail list, and I replied with a lot of juicy tidbits to whet your appetite.

We're moving as fast as we can in order to use this infrastructure for the basis of Solr Flare, destined to be faceted browsing plugins for Rails allowing your Rails application to easily benefit from what Solr and solrb offer. Solr Flare will debut at the code4lib pre-conference event in whatever form it happens to be in by then.

Two scholarships to attend the 2007 code4lib conference

Oregon State University is offering two scholarships for the 2007 code4lib conference. Please see below for eligibility and other information on the scholarships. Anyone with questions about the scholarships may contact Jeremy Frumkin at jeremy dot frumkin at oregonstate dot edu.

OSU / Code4lib Minority Scholarship

The OSU / Code4lib Minority Scholarship will provide up to $1000 to cover travel costs and conference fees for one qualified attendee to the 2007 Code4lib conference. To qualify for this scholarship, an applicant must be a member of a principal minority group (American Indian or Alaskan native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African-American, or Hispanic / Latino).

2007 Conference Schedule Now Available

The 2007 Conference Schedule is now available. There may be some minor tweaks to be made still, but it is mostly set. It is an incredible line-up, plus there are a lot of cool unknowns hidden in the Lightning Talks and Breakout Sessions, for which ideas and sign-ups will be taken at the conference. See you there!

code4lib 2007 pre-conference workshop: Lucene, Solr, and your data

9am - 5pm, Tuesday February 27

Location Updated: Because of the overwhelming response, the pre-conference has been moved to the Tate Student Center, Room 137.

This will be a full day event devoted to lucene and solr.
The event will be led by Erik Hatcher, committer on the Lucene and Solr projects, and co-author of Lucene in Action, and Java Development with Ant.

MyResearch Portal: An XML based Catalog-Independent OPAC

Andrew Nagy

Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library has longed for a beautiful pig; however, we determined in early 2006 that pigs were only good at searching for truffles, so we decided to build our own OPAC.

After developing our own custom Digital Library from a Native XML Database, we quickly appreciated the ease of development with XQuery and XSLT. We then launched full speed ahead into the development of a new OPAC from scratch using XML technologies and MARCXML.

This presentation will describe the process of choosing an NXDB and optimizing it for large data set performance. Developing searches that take about 2 minutes to process and optimizing them down to about 2 seconds. I will also describe the development processes of the OPAC interface including the AJAX features we have implemented. I will share our success stories and our failures.


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