Holiday Inn Express

As it's not shorts and t-shirt weather, and there seems to be a reasonable number of folks staying at the holiday inn express, it'd be sensible, clever and perhaps even organised of us to arrange to travel together to the conference venue in the mornings.

Would it be possible to meet in the lobby at 8:20? Or leave notes at the desk?

Add yourself to the list below:

People Staying @ HIE:

  • Rob Sanderson
  • Raymond Yee
  • Ross Singer
  • Gabriel Farrell
  • Daniel Lovins
  • Harish Maringanti

Sounds great

Yes, a Good Idea. Daniel and I (Gabriel) should be in the lobby at 8:20. Neither of us has a car, but I trust that enough of us rented or drove that we won't have to squish.

Harish Maringanti

Nice idea. I'll be there in the lobby by 8:20.