Attention all planets of the Solr federation

"INTERNET ARCHIVE goes SOLR" reports Tracey Jaquith. Tracey's announcement is worth quoting in its entirety:

We converted from a badly deteriorating "home grown" server that
was made up of java + jetty ( + rsync for replication) + an older
version of lucene.
I make some comparisons of SOLR vs. "prior" using "[]" notes below.

I parsed 2 days worth of SOLR logs to determine:
Max queries/sec: 8.8
Avg queries/sec: 5.4
Number (re)indexed / day: 3372

Index size: 1.1gb [vs. 26gb]
Number of document fields searched on a quoted unqualified query:
5 [vs. 677] *

one 4gb RAM dual core cpu
[vs. three 4gb RAM dual core cpu (readers) and one 8gb RAM 2 dual
core cpus (writer)]

Solr hardly touches our disks, load avg stays around 0.5, typically.
"sar" shows we average 85% idle!
Solr seems quicker to respond, overall, and much more stable.
We can reindex our entire set of 575K items in about 2 hours
(where we are limited more by the "crawling" of our 190 servers for
XML than Solr).

With our current configuration, we can show index changes on our live
site in