CODE4LIB 2014 Trip Report - Arie Nugraha

Code4Lib Conference 2014
Scholarship Brief Report

Arie Nugraha
University of Indonesia

For me, the Code4Lib Conference 2014 was not only the first conference that I've attended abroad, but also my gateway for my first step in the United States. First I want to say, a big thank you to all scholarship sponsors, Council on Library and Information Resources/Digital Library Federation, EBSCO, ProQuest and also Sumana Harihareswara, without their generous sponsorship, it would have been impossible for me to come to Code4Lib Conference 2014.

Two words are enough to express my feeling toward the conference, unbelievable and amazing. Unbelievable because I CAN come to this conference, and amazing because I’ve been surrounded by many great people who share their amazing knowledge and skill, from libraries, archives and museums, that I’ve never seen before in my country Indonesia. What I’ve experienced in Code4lib Conference 2014 is an overwhelming new knowledge, that motivates me to always learn new library related technologies, and also the most important thing is, I met with great people with great hospitality. Code4Lib Conference hospitality makes me feel that I’m not an alien among conference attendees, since I’m coming from Indonesia, a country far away from The United States.

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Christina Harlow

A Newbie, Troublesome Cataloger at Code4Lib

Christina Harlow

In March 2014, I attended my first (and definitely not only) Code4Lib National Conference. I had been following the Code4Lib group via their website, journal, wiki and local NYC chapter for some time; but being a metadata/cataloging person, I was hesitant to jump into a meeting of programmers, coders, systems librarians, and others. I am immensely glad that I did not let this hesitation hold me back this year, as the 2014 Code4Lib Conference was the best and most inviting conference that I have ever attended.

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Coral Sheldon Hess

Coral Sheldon Hess

I had an enjoyable and educational time at Code4Lib 2014. It was my first time attending any Code4Lib event, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be there, thanks to the Diversity Scholarship sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources/Digital Library Federation, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Sumana Harihareswara. Thank you to the sponsors, the scholarship and organizing committees, and everyone else involved with the conference for this amazing learning experience!

Things that went well

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Emily Reynolds

Emily Reynolds
Code4Lib trip report
31 March 2014

As a diversity scholarship recipient, I was afforded the opportunity to attend the 2014 Code4Lib conference in Raleigh, NC. The conference consisted of two and a half days of presentations and one day of preconference workshops. Looking back on the experience, I am impressed by the content of the presentations, the openness of the community, and the overall sense of curiosity and exploration. I learned a great deal and am looking forward to applying the inspiration and motivation that I took away from the conference in my daily work.


Prior to the start of the conference itself, I attended the “Archival Discovery and Use” pre-conference session. True to its name, Code4Lib has historically been more library-focused, but this session covered topics like the modern relevance of archival finding aids, archival crowdsourcing, and presentation methods for digitized materials. Because librarians and archivists have so many intertwined concerns, I was glad to see the archival community represented.

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - J. (Jenny) Gubernick

Code4Lib 2014: Conference Review
J. (Jenny) Gubernick


I was fortunate to receive a diversity scholarship to help defray the costs of attending Code4Lib 2014 in Raleigh, NC. Although I am still processing the somewhat overwhelming amount of information I absorbed, I suspect that I will look back at this past week as a transformative experience. I pivoted from thinking of myself as "not a real programmer," "lucky to have any job," and that "maybe someday I can do something cool," to thinking of myself as being in a position of great empowerment to learn and do, and being ready to apply my skills to a more complex work. I look forward to continuing to be part of this community in months and years to come.


Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Jennifer Maiko Kishi

Jennifer Maiko Kishi
Code4Lib 2014 Conference Report
1 April 2014

As a new professional in the field, lone digital archivist, and a first timer to the Code4Lib Conference, my experience was incredibly inspiring and enriching. I value Code4Lib’s collective mission of teaching and learning through community, collaboration, and a free exchange of ideas. The conference was unique and unlike any other library or archives conference I have attended. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of planning events to specifically welcome new attendees. The newcomer dinner was not only a great way to meet fellow newbies (and oldtimers) on the evening before the conference, but also provided familiar faces to say hello to the following day. Moreover, Code4Lib resolved my session selecting anxieties, where I always feel like I’ve missed out on yet another important session. The conference is set up so that all attendees will have equal opportunities to view the sessions together in a continuous fashion, in addition to live streams made available to those unable to attend. The conference was jam packed with back to back presentations, lightning talks, and breakout sessions. There was a good balance of interesting topics by insightful speakers, mixed in with scheduled breaks with copious coffee and tea to stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Junior Tidal

As a recipient of Diversity Scholarship for the 9th annual Code4Lib conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, I had an enlightening and incredible experience. I learned a great deal of information that revolved around library system usability, emerging coding frameworks, and applying social justice to user-centered design. Throughout the conference, I asked myself, how I could use these concepts and coding techniques for my daily work at my institution? As a “one-man shop” I have limited support for implementing many of these technologies. However, as I have networked with the diverse members of the code4lib community I know that it will be a bit easier trying to experiment with these techniques.

My time at the conference revealed that many libraries are passionately striving to make end-user systems usable, accessible, and transparent. There were numerous presentations that revolved around these ideas, such as using APIs to create data visualizations for displaying library statistics, real-time interactive discovery systems and interfaces, moving away from “list” type listings of holdings to network-node maps, web accessibility for differently abled patrons, and much more. The numerous lightning talks also provided a great wealth of information (all within 5 minutes!)

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report- Nabil Kashyap

Diversity Scholarship Trip Report
Code4Lib, 2014
Raleigh, NC
Nabil Kashyap

Coming to my first Code4Lib was significant because when I first began connecting with the group and its resources, I was a freshly-minted graduate in the middle of a career change. By the time I landed in Raleigh, three months into a new job, I was an information professional--more or less.

After graduating last May from library school, I admit to using the Code4Lib website obsessively during my quest for employment; I quickly found the site, wiki, listserv and journal invaluable. There was a level of energy and involvement by users that made it stand out from other, more conventional professional organizations. Plus, the job postings often described exactly the kinds of emerging, interdisciplinary positions I was most interested in. Code4Lib was a network I wanted to be a part of. Miraculously, my search worked out: I was offered a position, though I had not yet started when I finally applied for the diversity scholarship.

Code4Lib 2014 Trip Report - Zahra Ashktorab

Zahra Ashktorab
March 28, 2014

Code4Lib Report

I was recently selected by the Code4Lib community to receive a diversity scholarship to attend the Code4Lib conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Code4Lib conference was the perfect place to make new connections with people who aim to make information more accessible through technology. As someone who is in close proximity in technology and usability, I was interested in the new strides taking place in this area. At this conference, I made new contacts for future collaboration and attend talks ranging from Linked Open Data and Google Analytics.